What happens if I have no cards left in my hand? 
Continue to take 2 cards at your turn and play your actions.

What if I catch someone holding more than 8 cards in his/her hand? 
The player has to discard the excess cards into the Discard Pile (not considered an action), and lose a turn.



If I am an "Aunty" Personality, can I use my Special Power to buy other players a Dream at a discounted price of 200K?
No. For example, if the Influencer uses his/her Special Power on you, you have to pay the original price of the Dream. 

​I'm playing the game outdoors and don't want to embarrass myself doing push-ups for the "NSF" Personality. What do I do?
You may swap 10 push-ups for 10 buddha claps!

Can I stop someone’s Special Power?
Yes, you can stop it with a Stop Card like “Gahmen Say Cannot”. 

How many times can I use my Special Power?
Each player can only use their Special Power once per turn (whether or not it is successful).



If I play "Elected President", can other players vote for me to lose a dream?
No, they have to vote for another player besides you.

​What if the player voted to lose a dream has the action "Call SAF Hotline" in play? 
Then he/she cannot lose a Dream and the players will have to vote for another player to lose a Dream instead.

Can I use "Gahmen say Cannot" to stop delayed actions? (eg: "Sit on Reserved Seat")
You can only use the Stop Card immediately after an Action Card is played. For example, if you catch the player's eye contact and have a dream stolen, you cannot play "Gahmen Say Cannot".

​Can target player place Cash in their bank during their turn if I use "Sabo" on him/her?
No, they cannot place any Cash in their bank during that turn or use cash cards at all. 

If I were to play both "Sang Nila Utama" & "Sir Stamford Raffles", does it count as 1 or 2 actions?
It counts as 1 action.

Can "Say People Say Yourself" be used to stop "Online Love Scam"?
No, "Online Love Scam" cannot be reflected by "Say People Say Yourself".

"Sit on Reserved Seat" – What happens if the first person I lock eyes with has no dreams?
The action is forfeited and the game continues.

What kind of rule can I set for "Minister of Parliament"?
You can set rules that do not affect the gameplay directly.
Allowed: cannot say the word "Card" during the game. 
Not Allowed: Everyone must pay me 200K when they draw a card.

When does the "Minister of Parliament" rule stop? 
Shuffle the action card back into the deck once it is used, and then the next player who gets the card can make a new rule to override the current rule! 

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